COPAG Plastic playing cards

Copag Playing CardsPlaying Cards Only stock a wide variety of high quality COPAG decks. Renowned as one of the finest plastic playing cards in the world COPAG are made from 100% plastic and will wear 100 times longer than regular paper cards. COPAG plastic playing cards last longer, shuffle better, and slide across the tables in such a manner that you will never want to play with anything else again.

COPAG cards are resistant to bending and tearing, they will always spring back to their original shape and the integrity of these cards will never be compromised under regular gaming conditions. They are built to last and can even be hand washed clean!!

Brief History of COPAG Playing Cards

COPAG is now one of the world's leading playing card manufacturer. based in São Paulo, Brazil, COPAG has produced plastic playing cards for poker and bridge since 1908. With the recent increase in popularity of poker, COPAG's business has seen rapid growth. In 2005, the World Series of Poker used COPAG as their official poker playing card. It was this success that attracted Carta Mundi who incorporated the COPAG brand into its well established group.

Many bridge and poker players consider COPAG playing cards to be some of the best available, based upon how long they last, how easy they are to deal, and their ability to be easily cleaned.