Joker Poker Playing Cards By Piatnik

Joker Poker Playing Cards By Piatnik

  • 2+ Players
  • Suitable for ages 8+
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Joker Poker Playing Cards By Piatnik.  One deck off 55 poker cards, and 36 betting cards.

Players must create 3 poker hands with the 15 cards they are dealt. By placing bets they must try to win the most hands. Players can outsmart each other as sometimes the weaker hand is the most profitable!
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How to Play Joker Poker by Piatnik. A great way to practice your poker hands

A deck of 52 poker cards , plus 3 jokers.36 Betting cards (In 4 sets of 4 different colours; each set is composed of 9 cards, with values from 0 - 4).

Each player takes a set of betting cards and puts them face down in front of him. A dealer should be chosen, but his position does not affect the game. The value of a "hand" is the same as in a normal poker game. A list is include at the end of the rules.

The Aim
To produce as many winning poker hands as you can during 3 games, thus securing more betting cards of higher value than the other players. The player with the highest combined value of their betting cards at the end of teh"match" is the winner.

How to Play
The dealer shuffles the deck (including  the 3 jokers) and deals 15 cards per player (if 4 players are taking part then only 13 cards should be dealt per player: see later - "the 4-players Joker Poker game").

Each player divides their cards into 3 "hands" composed of 5 cards each. Then they put the 3 "hands" face down on the table in front of them, in order of decreasing poker value: on the left the strongest poker hand (first hand), followed by the next strongest hand (second hand) and at last on the right the weakest poker hand (third hand).

After choosing your 3 hands, you must bet one of your betting cards on each of them; the betting cards are put face down onto the corresponding cards. You can choose how you play the betting cards, no matter what the value of the hands is (for example you can bet 0 on your first hand and 4 on the third one). When everybody is ready, all players reveal their "first hand" and these are compared with each other player: the player with the highest poker hand cashes all the best (including theirs), that is they take all the betting cards which have been bet on their first hands: the players reveal them,  compare them to each other and the highest one takes the betting cards. Finally you do the same with the third hands: the players reveal them, compare them to each other and the highest takes the betting cards.

In the rare case of a tie between winning hands every winning player wins their own betting cards and the other betting cards are discarded.

Important. The value of the cased betting cards are victory points, so keep them separately from the betting cards you still have at your disposal for the betting,

Note that the 3 hands have equal importance, that is the third hand can enable you to win (or lose) as much or even more than the first hand; and this is already a strategic tip: when distributing your cards among the 3 hands, give them the same consideration. Sometimes it could be better sacrificing a card in the first 2 hands, resulting in the 3rd hand being relatively stong.

Using the jokers
There are 3 jokers:1 red, 1 black and 1 red/black.

If you have a joker among your cards, you can use it to replace any card, with the following limitations:

  • the red joker can only be used to replace a red card (hearts or diamonds)
  • the black joker can only be used to replace a black card (spades or clubs)
  • the red/black joker can be used to replace any card
  • if you have 2 (or even 3) jokers, they have to be distributed in different "hands", but all of them have to assume the same value (if you decide that one works as a king, the others have to work as kings), choosing the suits accordingly with the colour of the jokers

The match
A complete game (match) is composed by 3 games, so it ends when the players have used all their 9 betting cards. At the end of the third game, you add up the values of the betting cards that each player has won, and the player with the highest total is the winner.

The 4-player game
The dealer deals 13 cards per player instead of 15. The third hand, the weakest one, is composed by 3 cards instead of the regular 5. Important. In the third hand, (with only 3 cards), flushes and straights are not possible, so 3 Aces is the highest possible hand.