Masenghini 955 Poker Playing Cards-Red Backed

Masenghini 955 Poker Playing Cards-Red Backed

  • 2+ Players
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Masenghini 955 Italian Poker playing cards.  A unique deck of 36 cards made from Triplex ranging from the 6 to the Ace(No Jokers). 

A "stripped" or "shortened" deck is suitable for playing variations of Five Card Stud and Piquet.

The Triplex quality is unique worldwide, it`s produced using a 3 piece cylinder format machine, where the feeding of three layers of wet cardboard are compressed together, layed to air, which then in turn ideally dries and creates  " The Triplex Quality ".

  • Made in Italy
  • Standard index
  • 4 Pip
  • 36 cards
  • Triplex quality
  • Poker size
  • Size 63mm x 89mm