Sports Trivia Cards

Sports Trivia Cards

  • 2+ Players
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A pack of 50 cards featuring over 190 quiz questions!

For 2+ players.

Age 14+

Sample Question
True or False: Hockey takes its name from a French word meaning 'shepherd's crook'.

Playing the Game

Split into two equal teams.

Team One takes a card and reads out the first of the four questions. The questions increase in both difficulty and points value. If Team Two answers correctly, Team One asks the next question on the card. This continues with the remaining questions on the card until an incorrect answer is given or all the questions have been answered correctly. A note is made of Team Two's score and the used card is placed at the bottom of the pile. Team Two then takes a new card from the top of the pile and takes a turn asking questions.

Q1: True or False - 1 point
Q2: Multiple Choice - 2 points
Q3: Teaser - 3 points
Q4: Name the year - 4 points

Winning the Game
The winning Team is the one with the most points after both teams have had the opportunity to answer the questions on five cards.

Gameplay option
For a longer game, choose a higher number of cards to play with.