Bicycle Classic Monsters Playing Cards

Bicycle Classic Monsters Playing Cards

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The classic image of Frankenstein's monster gives a sneak of what is lurking inside the deck!

This classic deck produced in black and white is evocative of all the classic monsters depicted within, including:

  • Queen of Hearts: Bride of Frankenstein
  • Queen of Spades: The Creature from the Black Lagoon
  • Queen of Diamonds: King Kong
  • Queen of Clubs: Godzilla
  • The court cards are a beautiful collection of the most iconic Monsters in the world, with each card being individually designed.

    Bicycle® decks are made in the USA and feature the patented Air-cushion® Bicycle finish, softly bevelled edges and sandwich construction for enhanced game play.

  • 2 pip
  • Standard index
  • Candy skull back
  • Custom deck