Dal Negro and NTP of Italy are a leading manufacturer of plastic playing cards.

The technical and high business development necessarily called for a larger premises, causing the company to move from its original factory in Piazza Tommasini to premises in Viale F.lli Bandiera, Treviso in the North East of Italy. Shortly after the move was scheduled to the main plant in VIa Brigata Marche where production is carried out with high-tech machines in an enviroment full of high energy saving regulations and up to norm protection levels. 

In accordance with its development policy, the company moved into the new headquarters located in Piazza Cavarzerani at Carbonera di Treviso in June 2002. 
Dal Negro operates with over 60 employees in premises that cover 15,000 square metres. It also makes use of some ten external workshops, and has over forty sales agents operating in Italy and abroad. Company sales are currently around 15 million Euro.