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Stone Cold Bluff is for poker players that have been playing socially for about two to three years, this site is not aimed towards the novice player and conversely it is not aimed at the high-roller pros either.  Excellent site that offers Poker tips, Tricks and Strategy.  Highy recommended.

Home Poker Edge is the comprehensive home poker resource that specifically addresses the interests and needs of home poker players. 


Bridge Webs

BridgeWebs provides a facility to allow a secretary, scorer and other members to jointly set up and maintain a web site for a bridge club, county association or bridge teacher. BridgeWebs is simple to set up and no knowledge of designing a web site is required. The hard work has been done for you and most aspects of a bridge web site are included as standard.

Play Bridge

PlayBridge Hand Generator is a computer program written and put on the Web for the enthusiasts of the game of Bridge. The program produces bridge hands that you can view on the screen or print. The generated hands may be completely random or you may select to put in your hand virtually any card you want. In this new version you may also save the generated hands for later viewing. 

Great Bridge Links

"to all that`s Bridge on the net today"

Card Tricks

The Magic Top - Top 50 Magic Sites

Card tricks online including free, easy and self-working card tricks

Learn Cards

Card Tricks - Features a lot of free card magic tricks tutorials. Dedicated to card magic tricks, illusions, card games and sleights.

Good Tricks

Nice site that shows how to do card tricks.

Other playing card links

Card Game Heaven

CardGameHeaven was set up by a group of experienced card players with over 100 years of experience of playing cards between them!

WOPC - World of Playing Cards

World of Playing Cards - history, design and manufacture of playing cards

Our Twitter Page.

Playing Cards Only Twitter Page.

Legend Games

Legendgames is a web based games shop, established in 1999, with a great reputation. Perfect for buying miniatures, dice, rpgs, board games and card games.


The International Playing Card Society


Rules and information about card and tile games from all parts of the world


The premier James Bond site with News / Reviews etc

BVS Solitaire Collection

An award winning collection of 375 solitaire games

BBJ Collection

Exclusive Fine Art Prints and Art Cards of famous paintings by Will Longstaff, the Australian artist

Games et al

Dealers in Antique Games and Playing Cards